Suncoast Voices for Children


Suncoast Voices for Children provides for the physical, psychological, educational and social needs of abused, abandoned and neglected children in Pinellas and Pasco Counties when there is no other resource.

SVC partners with local agencies dedicated to child welfare to prevent abuse, neglect and abandonment whether the child is already in foster care or at risk of entering care.
  • -Over the past three years, over 300 children did not enter foster care because of assistance provided by SVC.
  • -Due to the high mobility of foster kids from school to schools, academics suffer greatly.  SVC tries to prevent this loss with one on one tutoring as needed.

    -SVC works to prevent foster kids from developing risky behaviors by providing money to help develop socialization, values and positive self image.

SVC protects children from physical and emotional endangerment by providing immediate assistance as requested by child protective agencies.

  • -SVC protects infants by providing cribs to reduce infant mortality caused by co-sleeping.
  • -SVC protects children from trauma caused by removal from their families by providing beds, furniture, clothing and material assistance to relative caregivers.
  • -SVC protects children from the many damaging effects of foster care by providing for their educational, physical, psychological and social needs.


Among the many things Suncoast Voices for Children has provided for children are: bicycles, clothing, sports activities, dance lessons, one on one tutoring, beds and cribs, school supplies.
It is our goal to help each child feel cared for and provide the motivation to overcome the obstacles of foster care and to succeed in life.

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